From afar

When this is over,
When this is gone,
When the heavens open,
I think of when we were young,
not one day passes,
the nights seem very long,
Bitter words become bitter years,
Bitter years become floods of tears,
For the years, the memories
that will not be ours,
but someone elses, I have to watch from afar.

The Last Mixed Tape’s Top 20 E.P’s of 2014

Originally posted on The Last Mixed Tape:

With 2014 coming to a close and the holiday season upon us the Last Mixed Tape counts down it’s Top 20 E.P’s of the year, from a creatively vibrant 12 months that provided a host of exciting and inventive extended plays.  

20. Tony Fitz – Just Another Day
With Just Another Day songwriter Tony Fitz merges two usually disparate art forms (music & graphic novels) into an innovative work that creates a sprawling widescreen soundscape, tinged with alternative-country flourishes, while also conveying the stark beauty seen in Tommie Kelly’s artwork.

19. Sissy – Sissy
Uncompromising and exhilarating in its feral garage-rock sound, Sissy’s debut E.P. works as an irrepressibly individual take on the genre and establishes the three-piece as an exciting new prospect going into 2015.

18. The Casanova Wave – Sundown Yellow Moon
A record with a strong collaborative thread, The Casanova Wave casts Sundown Yellow Moon with…

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The Lost Gecko Debut Album

The Lost Gecko Debut Album -Track 10 – ‘Set Your heart in Motion’
This track encompasses everything we feel we can’t do when a relationship ends. All the hurt, anger, self-loathing, loss…and about picking up and getting on

The Lost Gecko Fundit Blog

Just an update folks. So we made our target today officially. In the next 21 days the money will be out of all yer accountys and into the Geckos. We will then go to the studio and have the album finished for ye in a few weeks. Boom! Can’t wait :)

The Lost Gecko Fundit Blog

Only 7 days to go folks…support has been wicked so far folks. Please keep sharing…will be doing tow gigs this week for those who want to check out our sound or ho the album will sound :)

The Lost Gecko Fundit Blog

Track 08 on the new album is an accapella number. Its called ‘Angel Veins’
Angel veins on an open road, my mind might implode
Take the reins, Environment change, no one to blame
Stoke the fire, focus on attire, hate is the liar
GPS, our minds recess, in a phoetal dress..

12 days to go folks. The support has been brilliant so far..please keep it goin for a little longer :)

The Lost Gecko Fundit Blog

The Lost Gecko Fundit campaign rolls on…15 days to go folks. 1,055euro raised so far. :)
Track 7 of the new album is called ‘Unphotographable’ and Title track of the album. It is primarily about those feelings and thoughts that cannot be captured on camera or social media. Those which are our own and always will be. Even about how music has changed in recent years. I guess i wouldnt be writing this now if it hadn’t, to be honest and definitely wouldn’t be doin a crowdfunding campaign.


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