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I know its good Friday but I think Jesus would be Ok with me posting about our campaign. I went to church too.
So, 25 days to go folks.
Track 5 on the new Album is called ‘Something and Nothing’. in 2006, the mother of my child decided she no longer wanted it. After three months of pregnancy. Mum and Dad planted a rose for him in their back garden which continues to bloom large each year. I named him ‘Ethan’ for my own sanity.

The Lost Gecko fundit blog , C-Saw sample

The Lost Gecko fundit blog , C-Saw sample.

The Lost Gecko fundit blog , C-Saw sample

Track 4 on our new album is called ‘C-Saw’.
A couple of my friends have passed away from cancer. I looked after my Granda in Aberdeen in his last weeks of life. my mum has also been sick for over twenty years. My abiding memory of my granda was when he said quote “Thats affa bonnie music malcolm”. To this day he doesn’t know he was a metallica fan! I was 16 and learning the finer points of metallica’s ‘Nothing else matters’. C-Saw is a track about those who feel helpless when they get sick and also those caring for them. Mum talks about watching the seasons go by when she was really sick. Please help us get this Album done if ye can. Cheers for all the support so far..even the words mean heaps. Malc.

29 days to go folks for our fundit campaign…oh jaysus.
Track 3 on the new album is called ‘I can hear echoes’
I wrote this after hearing s story of a woman who worked with Wolves in Alaska. Ive always been interested in American indians and the spirits of animals in the wild. She developed a brain tumour and had to stop working. She was very close to death at this time. She talked of having vivid visions of herself running with the wolves. In a few months she had recovered fully. The story captured my imagination and so ‘I can hear echoes’ was born. . We still need plenty of help with the fundit campign. Any amount will be a great help to us if you can. Cheers. Malc

The Lost Gecko Fundit blog

Day 9 of our campaign folks. We are at 500 euro now with 17 funders. pretty good like :). That 500 will cover the cost of mixing 5 of the tracks so far.

John Burke from Claycastle Studios, youghal has mixed some samples of the album which ill post in next few days. Thanks for all the continued support. Mr.Gecko is on his way North just now and stopped off in Grafton street for some insects and tunes.

Please do keep sharing all the links…

I hope it will all be worth it!



The Lost Gecko Fundit Blog day 9

‘Wretching in the streets will make for very bad publicity, she said, Tiny souls are no longer Sacred’
This is the first line of Song 2 on the new album. I wrote this after coming across this video on youtube that left me with pains in my stomach. Its not easy to watch.

The song is about the torture and murder that Assad has done to his people in Syria, children included. There were reports of an eight month old baby tortured.


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