The Lost Gecko Debut Album

The Lost Gecko Debut Album -Track 10 – ‘Set Your heart in Motion’
This track encompasses everything we feel we can’t do when a relationship ends. All the hurt, anger, self-loathing, loss…and about picking up and getting on

The Lost Gecko Fundit Blog

Just an update folks. So we made our target today officially. In the next 21 days the money will be out of all yer accountys and into the Geckos. We will then go to the studio and have the album finished for ye in a few weeks. Boom! Can’t wait :)

The Lost Gecko Fundit Blog

Only 7 days to go folks…support has been wicked so far folks. Please keep sharing…will be doing tow gigs this week for those who want to check out our sound or ho the album will sound :)

The Lost Gecko Fundit Blog

Track 08 on the new album is an accapella number. Its called ‘Angel Veins’
Angel veins on an open road, my mind might implode
Take the reins, Environment change, no one to blame
Stoke the fire, focus on attire, hate is the liar
GPS, our minds recess, in a phoetal dress..

12 days to go folks. The support has been brilliant so far..please keep it goin for a little longer :)

The Lost Gecko Fundit Blog

The Lost Gecko Fundit campaign rolls on…15 days to go folks. 1,055euro raised so far. :)
Track 7 of the new album is called ‘Unphotographable’ and Title track of the album. It is primarily about those feelings and thoughts that cannot be captured on camera or social media. Those which are our own and always will be. Even about how music has changed in recent years. I guess i wouldnt be writing this now if it hadn’t, to be honest and definitely wouldn’t be doin a crowdfunding campaign.

22 days to go on our adventure folks

22 days to go folks on our fundit adventure. :)
Track 6 on the new album is called ‘Rescued by Waves’. I wrote this track after surfing in Garretstown one summers evening about 3 years ago. I started surfing in 2006 after recovering from the loss of the baby. It kept my mind occupied and if you want to come back to shore, you to concentrate and be very aware of whats is happening in the water. I don’t claim to be an ‘Awesome’ surfer by any means. Me and two others were sitting out on the water. It was purple in colour and the sky was something special. it started to rain and the water was so came. We were sitting there bobbing up and down in the beauty of Garretstown. inevitably, a song was gonna come out of it. ‘Rescued by Waves’.

The Lost Gecko fundit Blog

I know its good Friday but I think Jesus would be Ok with me posting about our campaign. I went to church too.
So, 25 days to go folks.
Track 5 on the new Album is called ‘Something and Nothing’. in 2006, the mother of my child decided she no longer wanted it. After three months of pregnancy. Mum and Dad planted a rose for him in their back garden which continues to bloom large each year. I named him ‘Ethan’ for my own sanity.


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